Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Working Elderly

The working elderly employees are usually taken advantage of due to their age.

Examples of that simply based on the fact that they need the job in order to survive and in out times, it's very hard to get a job. Most younger people have a hard time getting a decent job in the States and the elderly have an even harder time getting one.
So, when they get one, they aren't paid as much as their younger counterparts, but are expected to do as much physical work as the younger employees do.

The elderly worker will bust his butt to try to keep up and in some cases do more than the younger worker as a lot of the younger workers are simply lazy and will watch you do it while smoking a cigarette.

The author of this piece has had 3 hernia operations within a 10 year period after he was hired. Companies will not assume any responsibility for that and simply say that we should have known better. However, if we would have taken the position that we shouldn't have lifted or performed the task that caused the physical problem ... our job would be in jeapardy or we would be terminated.
So, the answer is, for us... keep it up no matter what the cost physically or monitarily.
That's because we need the job so bad......

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Warning Signs of Elder Neglect

Author: Bryan Halverson

You and your family searched for the best care center for your elderly parent. You asked all the right questions and checked the facility's credibility and reputation. You saw it for yourself and talked to other residents. You did all the right things; but how do you know for sure that your loved one is being treated with the care and dignity they deserve?

The good news is most care facilities and their staff operates with the utmost of morals. They treat their patients as they would their own parents. There are instances, however, where elder abuse is taking place and their loved ones are completely in the dark as to what is going on.

So, how can you spot elder abuse and neglect? There are several signs to watch for, and these should be noted each time you visit your elder:

• untreated bed sores - this could be a sign that they are left in bed all day and not being cared for properly

• dirty and unbathed - if they need help bathing, this could mean your loved one is being neglected

• Soiled bed sheets and clothes - are they being left in their own filth?

• Unexplained weight loss - this is a sign they are not being fed on a regular basis.

• Your elder may show signs of dementia which could actually be signs of abuse: mumbling to themselves, rocking, etc.

There are also signs of physical abuse that are easier to spot than neglect or emotional abuse:

• unexplained broken bones, fractures or sprains

• broken eyeglasses

• bruises

• restrain marks on their arms or wrists

Many victims of abuse will not come forward and reveal that they are being abused. There are many reasons for this. Some victims feel ashamed, some are afraid of further retaliation by their abuser, and some are afraid they will not be believed.

Communication Skills For Working With Elders

If you suspect that your loved one is being abused, get help immediately. Take them to their medical doctor and have them thoroughly examined. If their doctor confirms that abuse has taken place, call the police and file a formal complaint. Call the facility as well and let them know that your loved one is being abused. It is possible that the administrators are not aware of what has been going on, or that it is only one particular person that has been an abuser.

You will also want to hire an attorney that specializes in elder abuse. They will look at the facts of the case and fight for your elder's rights. They will call in expert witnesses like their doctor to confirm that abuse has taken place, and financial compensation may be awarded.

Most importantly, your elderly loved one will be taken out of the abusive situation and taken care of properly with dignity and grace. Elder abuse is a despicable crime, and those abusers should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. A knowledgeable and skilled attorney will make sure that happens.

About the Author:
If you may be in need of an elder abuse attorney, or want more information on elder abuse, visit today. They can provide answers to all of your questions about elder abuse and whether or not you need an elder abuse lawyer.

Article Source: - Warning Signs of Elder Neglect

Elderly Rights For Slips and Falls

Author: Bryan Halverson

Your golden years should be the best time of your life. Enjoy the time you have left, spend time with your family, your grand-kids, and travel the world, do all the things you never got to do when you were younger.

But, those golden years bring with it other, less enjoyable times. When you get older, you are much more susceptible to slips and falls bringing all kinds of injuries; sprains, breaks, bruises and fractures are but a few of the injuries that could be sustained in a fall.

This is especially true in the winter, with icy roads, sidewalks and walkways. If homeowners are not diligent in clearing their pathways and sidewalks, it could have catastrophic consequences for seniors trying to pass through.

Store and business owners, also, must be more careful in the winter to make sure their entrance ways are clear of ice and snow.

Those using wheelchairs are often at the mercy of uneven ramps or sidewalks. A fall from a wheelchair could cause permanent injury, including brain and head injuries.

It is essential to know your rights in these situations, and make sure that your rights are protected and fought for in case of negligent activity by a business or homeowner.

If you have been injured in a slip or a fall, get medical attention immediately. Even if you feel fine, you could be suffering from internal bleeding or damaged organs. See your doctor to have a thorough examination and treatment.

If you have suffered a broken bone, fracture or other serious injury, you need to hire an attorney to make sure your rights are looked after. Hire an attorney who specializes in slip and fall cases. There are even attorney who further specialize in elder slip and fall cases. They may be able to get you a financial payment for your injury.

A lawyer will review your case and if they find that the other party was negligent, they will fight your case and get you the justice you deserve. A good attorney will make sure that your medical bills are paid so you have no out of pocket expenses. They will also ensure that you get the necessary pain and suffering fees you are entitled to.

When searching for an attorney, it is important to interview several and ask them the right questions. You want to make sure that you are getting the best lawyer possible for your case. For instance, you want to ensure that they specialize in slip a fall cases; ask them how long they have been practicing and how many cases they take on each year. Another important question to ask is how many cases they have won and their ratio of cases vs. wins for their clients. If they take on 200 cases a year, but only win 2, you may want to look at hiring another attorney.

Hopefully, your golden years will be the best of times; but if you do suffer a mishap, make sure you know your rights and you get the best attorney to fight for you and get you the justice you are entitled to.

About the Author:
If you may be in need of an elder abuse attorney, or want more information on elder abuse, visit today. They can provide answers to all of your questions about elder abuse and whether or not you need an elder abuse lawyer.

Article Source: - Elderly Rights For Slips and Falls

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